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#truetune is so close to being launched!


Here at SA Tuning we see and hear a lot of different things from chatting to our customers and dyno’ing cars at our tuning facility. One of the biggest bug bears customers seem to have is with add on tuning boxes and how they don’t do what they are supposed to, as we have had many customers come to our tuning facility after having a tuning box fitted wanting us to remap the car as the box does not make the car feel they way the were expecting.

We made a decision to revolutionise the end user tuning market which is why we are so proud and excited to release #truetune very soon indeed. By giving you guys the opportunity to have a fully custom SA Tuning Remap whilst also having the ability to turn the car back to stock within minutes wherever and whenever you want by yourselves. this solves the dealership issue or the lease company issue as the car will be exactly as it was before you had our software on it! The other thing is #truetune does not need and wiring looms fitting, so no dirty hands under the bonnet just plug #truetune into the OBD port inside the car, warm with the windows up and write our software directly to your ecu in comfort!

#truetune is also completely transferable from car to car as your cars change over time, no extra leads or anything are needed and you don’t have to pay for another box just the price of a new file which is very reasonable (all prices will be released soon we promise!)

We wanted to be able to offer customers something that actually does what it says on the tine and to the latest cars available not just cars that are a few years old!

We are so proud of our passion for tuning and this is expressed hugely with #truetune as our strap line states “tuning is a passion not a job” and we stick by this whole heartedly in every aspect of our industry, we were especially disappointed by the feed back customers had given us from getting tuning boxes fitted elsewhere that falsify signals coming from only 2 sensors. #truetune is a fully personal remapping tool, no sensor signals are falsified on average 30-50 parameters are changed within the calibration and map data ares in the ecu software when we remap a car and now you guys can have this opportunity whenever and wherever you want it very soon indeed!!! Keep watching our social feeds or here on our site for more information!

So excited and we are so excited that now you guys can have a quality product for a reasonable fee with massive support!

Check it out here for yourselves